Sunday, September 16, 2007

Man o' War "The Horse of the Century"

Man o' War was born on March 29, 1917, at Nursery Stud, near Lexington, Kentucky. His sire (father) was Fair Play and his dam (mother) was Mahubah, the daughter of Rock Sand, the 1903 winner of Britain's version of the Triple Crown.

His debut was at Belmont in a five-furlough maiden race. His most remembered race (because it is the only one he would ever lose) was at Sanford Stakes at Saratoga on August ,13, 1919. His last race was against Sir Barton.

Man o' War died November 1, 1947, in Lexington, Kentucky at the age of 30 of a heart attack. Alot of people believed that he died of a broken heart, because his groom and pal Will Harbut, had died several weeks before.

Man o' War is buried beneath a larger than life bronze statute of himself at the Kentucky horse Park, surrounded by the graves of several of his 379 children. He was the first horse to be embalmed and he was the first horse to be buried in a casket lined with his racing colors, which were black and Gold. Over two thousand people attended his funeral.

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